FLOWFLEX MOH Brass Float Valve BVV

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Flowflex Float valves provide a mechanism to fill water tanks, such as toilet cisterns. As the water level rises inside the tank, a float rises as well forcing the valve to shut and therefore stopping the flow of water. Our range of brass float valves can be used for water tanks, troughs.

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FLOWFLEX MOH Brass Float Valve BVV


Our complete range of valves offers installers and specifiers the choice they are looking for to suit most applications, commercial or domestic.

Available in brass, brass chrome, nickel plate, and bronze, depending upon product type, our range is manufactured under ISO9001 quality management to the highest British standards and tested to ensure reliability and performance.

General Specification

Product Code

MOH Brass Float Valve

Product Type
Float Valve

Product Range
Float Valves

Part Material
Body Brass CW617N
Washer EPDM
Float Arm Brass CW617N
Flange Nut Brass CW614N
Nut Brass CW614N
Shuttle Brass CW614N

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1-1/2", 1-1/4", 1/2", 1", 2", 3/4"




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