VIR’s principal activity is the production and distribution of ball valves, both manual and actuated, balancing valves, gate valves and butterfly valves in brass, bronze, polypropylene and cast-iron for the distribution of water and gas to be applied in plumbing, conditioning, industrial and irrigation installations.

New features include:

● 9610 and 9610DR pressure reducers ;
● The new T650 differential pressure gauge ;
● items PN25 (butterflies 4520 and 4620 , double flap check valve 766H , filters 895H );
● the new stainless steel valves ( 765S check valves and 899S filters );
● the bronze gate valves PN20 100 and 100LK .
We have also extended our WRAS and ACS certifications to several new items


The high quality of our Made in Italy products shines through in the careful study of the solutions we propose, both to meet the specific needs of our customers, and in our technical department’s independent studies, which aim to anticipate market demands.

Our focus on innovation is reflected in our choice of materials: for more than thirty years VIR has been studying solutions that prevent the contamination of drinking water, first by introducing dezincification-resistant alloys (DZR brass), and later certified alloys with very low lead content, enabling customers to have traditional products also in these new materials.

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