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Pressure Reducer Valve Diaphragm HERZ

From: 165.00 AED

The pressure reducing valve protects installations against over pressure (reduces input pressure to a working level). It can also be used in heating systems to protect boiler against increased pressure.

Pressure Reducing Valve Brass ITAP Europress 143
1/2” (DN 15)25bar/362.5psi14300121/34
3/4” (DN 20)25bar/362.5psi14300341/34
1” (DN 25)25bar/362.5psi14301001/18
2” (DN 50)25bar/362.5psi14302001/8
2”1/2 (DN 65)25bar/362.5psi14302121/6
4” (DN 100)25bar/362.5psi14304001/3

Series LFX65B Lead Free* Water Pressure Reducing Valves are designed to reduce incoming water pressure to a sensible level to protect plumbing system components and reduce water consumption.

Pressure Reducing Valve Ductile Iron PN16 Honeywell D15S

From: 3,730.00 AED

A pressure regulator protects plants against too high supply pressure. This can also be used in buildings for residential, industrial and commercial purposes, taking into account its specifications.

Pressure Reducing Valve Ductile Iron WATTS M115

The Watts M115 Pressure Reducing Valve is designed to adjust, set and maintain downstream pressure of pipeline. It’s generally used in city water supply, industrial and agricultural water transmission pipeline, etc.

Pressure Reducing Valve Honeywell D06F

From: 125.00 AED

Pressure Reducing Valve With Balanced Seat and Set Point Scale


Part no.Description
D06F-1/2A Pressure Reducing Valve, Thread
D06F- 1 1/2APressure Reducing Valve, Thread
D06F- 1 1/4APressure Reducing Valve, Thread
D06F- 1 1/4BPressure Reducing Valve, Bronze
D06F-1APressure Reducing Valve, Thread
D06F-2APressure Reducing Valve, Thread
D06F-3/4APressure Reducing Valve, Thread
D06F-1/2BPressure Reducing Valve, Bronze
D06F- 1 1/2BPressure Reducing Valve, Bronze
D06F-2BPressure Reducing Valve, Bronze
D06F-3/4BPressure Reducing Valve, Bronze
D06FA-1BValve Insert Compl. 1+11/4
D06FH-1 1/4BPress.Red.Valve, High Press.Thread
D06FN-1 1/2BPress.Red.Valve, Low Press. Thread
Pressure Reducing Valve Watts W-M115

Series W-M115 Thread BSPT(DN32-DN50)
Series W-M115 Flange(DN50-DN300)

1. Stable performance, safe and reliable.
2. Simple operation, convenient adjusting.
3. Precise pressure reducing.
4. Long service life.

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