GULF-O-FLEX Insulated Flexible Duct

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Gulf-O-Flex® provide innovative Flexible Insulated Duct that ensure safety to the end-client and reliability to a widely growing clientele.

GI (Galvanized iron) corrugated sheets have become a popular and widely used material for residential roofing projects in the UAE

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Flexible Duct is a very strong, fully flexible, compressible lightweight duct that is widely used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems, for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Gulf-O-Flex® Flexible Duct is extremely durable and will maintain dimensional stability when fully extended.

• Flexible ducts are used in areas where manoeuvring of steel ducts is a challenge due to other services for shorter lengths.
• Insulated & Uninsulated Flexible HVAC duct models are available with a metalized jacket to provide ultimate strength and protection. Metalized polyester vapor barriers are reinforced with fiberglass scrim for high durability, tear-resistance, and outstanding thermal protection.
• Offer a high degree of flexibility, which allows it to be easily connected to any desired position. A quick and economical means of correcting the misalignment between system components.
• Allows ducting around obstacles where fabricated and fitted ducts would be difficult and costly to install.
• Ideal for all air-conditioning/ventilating systems includes hospitals, hotels, commercial and office buildings, and many other industrial and residential applications.

Country of Manufacture: UAE

Brand Country of Origin: UAE


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10", 4", 6", 8"


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