OLAB Humidity And Liquid Indicators Sight Glass Refrigerant Fluids Made in Italy

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The main construction components of the indicators of the 32000 series are:
• Brass body ST-UNI EN12165-CW617N
• Inspection’s glass
• Sealing gasket made of PTFE
• Brass pipes UNI-EN 12735/1 with ODF pocket
• Indicator little disk about moisture inside (Codes with “final -0”)

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OLAB Humidity And Liquid Indicators Sight Glass Refrigerant Fluids 1/4″ Made in Italy



The indicators series 32000 allow safe and immediate control of the degree of humidity and the liquid state of the refrigerant thanks to the color change of the sensitive paper placed in the center of the specific viewer.

The indicated humidity values are to be considered acceptable according to the type of refrigerant fluid used, as indicated in the table below.

Main Features:

  • SAFE
  • Rolling the sight glass without introducing stressing elements in the material could generate cracks
  • Stress-relieving of the body after machining
  • 100% TESTED, each valve bears the date and serial number proving that it has passed the test and allowing traceability of the performance data measured during testing over time.


The liquid and humidity indicators are designed to be installed on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems for domestic and industrial use. It’s possible to use them with all the refrigerant fluids of group II (as defined in Article 13, chapter 1, Point b of Directive 2014/68/EU, with reference to EC Regulation No.1272/2008) and they are defined as “pressure equipments”, as described in Directive 2014/68/UE, Art. 2, point 5, Art. 4 point 1.C.


At the start-up of the circuit, the color of the test paper can be yellow, in a consequence of atmospheric humidity or humidity contamination of plant where the indicator is installed. When the humidity level of refrigerant fluid is steady, by the action of dryer filter, the color of test paper becomes green, because the equilibrium conditions are reached. Normally, the time required to reach the stationary condition of circuit is 12 hour; if the yellow color of test paper remains, it means that is necessary a further action to eliminate the humidity presence inside the circuit. The braze welding of indicators equipped by copper tubes should made by special alloy, with low melting point. The flame should not be directed toward the glass or body of indicator, because it can damage the indicator in consequence of overheating. Please read enclosed leaflet before proceeding with the installation.


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