KELTRON Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

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KELTRON CAPACITORS are manufactured under dust-free, climatically controlled conditions using world-proven technology on automated, sophisticated Manufacturing and testing machines.

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KELTRON Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors


DAT/ DAW series are dual MPP-SH motor run capacitors encapsulated in a cylindrical aluminum can.

DAT series is with the terminal lead out and is meant for application in air conditioners.

DAW series are provided with flexible multistrand copper wire for lead-out an application.

These capacitors integrate dual capacitor elements around a single core with one common terminal.

Technically qualified and highly experienced professionals ensure strict compliance with international standards.

KELTRON CAPACITOR undergoes rigorous testing in our in-house laboratories which are fully equipped for routine/acceptance/ type tests.

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10 MFD, 35+5 MFD, 40 MFD, 40+5 MFD, 45 MFD, 45+5 MFD, 5 MFD, 50 MFD, 50+5 MFD, 55 + 5 MFD, 55 MFD, 6 MFD, 60 MFD, 60+5 MFD, 65 + 5 MFD, 65 MFD


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