GUNK Octane Performance Booster 12oz M5112

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20.00 AED

  • Helps reduce need for higher octane while cleaning combustion chambers and fuel system
  • Reduces knock, ping and hesitation
  • Restores top performance

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Restores engine performance. Contains additives that remove water and fight rust. Reduces emissions, knock, ping and hesitation. Cleans injectors, intake valve, and combustion chamber deposits. Removes deposits which tend to cause engine octane requirements to rise. After use of product, many engines will accept regular unleaded gasoline without knocking, pinging and after-run. In a plastic bottle.

Boosts octane

  • Cleans combustion camber and fuel system
  • Reduces knock and ping
  • Reduces hesitation
  • 12 fl oz. Case of 12

PART NO: M5112

CONTENT:12 Fl. Oz(354 ml)

CTN: 1 x 12 Pcs

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