Wurth – Brake Cleaner

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25.00 AED


Fast flash-off behaviour and excellent cleaning performance

  • Fast and effective removal of soot, grease, brake dust and oily residues
  • Residue-free cleaning


Good material compatibility with paints, plastics, seals and rubber

We provide the finest quality in all of our products.
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For cleaning and degreasing during maintenance and repair work

  • Colour: Colourless
  • Chemical basis: Naphtha
  • Hazard class (German Ordinance on Combustible Liquids): AI
  • Shelf life from production: 24 Month
  • AOX-free: Yes
  • Silicone-free: Yes
  • Stock Code: 0890 1087

Automotive Care & Cleaning: All-Purpose Cleaners
Brand: Wurth
Product Size: 250 ml
Automotive Interior / Exterior: Engine
Streamlined with powerful cleaning and dissolving properties
Excludes adhesive residues made by labels and adhesive tapes
Assures compatibility with most materials

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