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The UK based manufacturer of Wednesbury Copper Tube.

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications.

Wednesbury Tube is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mueller Industries Inc, Memphis USA and operates from a site in Bilston, Great Britain.

In recent years Mueller Industries has implemented a substantial capital investment programme into Wednesbury Tube updating this long established business with the most modern and efficient production processes. Wednesbury Tube is now one of the most consistent and economic manufacturers of copper tube in the world.

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    WEDNESBURY Copper Pipe

    145.00 AED 5,449.00 AED

    Wednesbury Streamline plumbing tube is supplied in straight lengths in sizes

    15mm Copper Pipe TX .0.7mm EN1057 Insulated
    22mm Copper Pipe TX 0.9mm Insulated EN1057
    28mm Copper Pipe TX 0.9mm Insulated TX
    35mm Copper Pipe TX 1.2MM Insulated EN1057
    42mm Copper Pipe TX 1.2mm Insulated EN1057
    54mm Copper Pipe TX 1.2mm Insulated EN1057

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