BLUE OCEAN (PPR/Fiberglass/PPR) Composite Pipes PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)

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PP-R pipes for hot, cold and drinking water transportation (Recommended water working temperature up to 70⁰C, water short time high temperature up to 90°C, S3.2 series, SDR 7.4, Nominal pressure up to PN. 1.6 MPa)

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Blue Ocean Fiber-G (PPR/Fiberglass/PPR) Composite Pipes


Blue Ocean Fiber-G polymer composite pipes produced by multi-extrusion method with middle layer made of special polymer-fiberglass composition, which was specially designed in the laboratory of Blue Ocean plant.

Blue Ocean Fiber-G (PPR/Fiberglass/PPR) composite pipes for hot and cold water transportation (Water working temperature up to 70°C, water short time high temperature up to 90°C, S3.2 series, SDR 7.4, Nominal pressure up to PN. 2.0 MPa)

Product code Outside diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Pipes Serial Water working pressure, MPa Quantity per package, pieces/ m (each piece 4 m)
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/20×2.8 20 2.8 S3.2 2 160
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/25×3.5 25 3.5 S3.2 2 100
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/32×4.4 32 4.4 S3.2 2 60
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/40×5.5 40 5.5 S3.2 2 48
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/50×6.9 50 6.9 S3.2 2 32
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/63×8.6 63 8.6 S3.2 2 20
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/75×10.3 75 10.3 S3.2 2 12
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/90×12.3 90 12.3 S3.2 2 8
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/110×15.1 110 15.1 S3.2 2 8
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/125×17.1 125 17.1 S3.2 2 4
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/140×19.2 140 19.2 S3.2 2 4
PPR-Fiber-G-HW(X)/S3.2/160×21.9 160 21.9 S3.2 2 4

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110mm, 125mm, 140mm, 160mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm




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