MAXIFIT Pipe Coupling VJ

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MaxiFit Plus is ideal for repair situations in narrow trench area as the bolts are easily accessible.

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MaxiFit universal pipe couplings are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters.

One fitting is able to connect a wide variety of pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, PVC, cast iron, GRP and asbestos cement pipes amongst others.

The range includes the following product lines

➤ MaxiFit Plus – DN50 – DN150

➤ MaxiFit small diameter – DN40 – DN300

➤ MaxiFit large-diameter – DN350 – DN700

> The MaxiFit range is designed and manufactured under quality management systems to BS EN ISO 9001 and meets the requirements of the UK Water Regulations & BS EN 14525, with DN40 to DN300 being independently tested by BSI to verify conformance to this standard.

> Design life expectancy of 50 years, established by rigorous ‘Accelerated Age Testing’ which subjects a product to working pressure at 80°C for 1000 hours.
> Wide tolerances permit lower stock holding
> Extensive range is available in sizes DN40 – DN300
> All models accommodate angularity between pipes which allows for normal pipeline movement caused by ground settlement. Couplings and reducing couplings allowing for 6° total angular deflection (3° total on the flange adaptors)
> A rigorous bolt torque test is completed to confirm that the bolt, end ring, and adaptor body are capable of withstanding bolt over-tightening to 1.5 times maximum recommended torque”

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2-1/2", 3", 4", 6", 8"


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