Copper Brazing End Feed Reducer

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End Feed Reducer Copper – dimensions are all in mm.

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Copper Brazing End Feed Reducer

End Feed Fittings, manufactured in both Copper and Bronze, are a fast, reliable and economical method of joining BS EN 1057 copper tube.

End Feed Fittings connect to the copper tube through the process of capillary action with solder forming an easy, effective joint between the fitting and the tube. They are lightweight for easy handling and lend themselves well to confined environments due to their compact sizing.

Available degreased and individually bagged for use in medical applications
Copper fittings manufactured to EN1254-1:1998
Brass fittings manufactured to EN1254-2:1998
Gunmetal (Bronze) fittings manufactured to EN1254-4:1998
Designed to connect to BS EN 1057 tube

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108 x 35mm, 108 x 42mm, 108 x 54mm, 22 x 15mm, 28 x 15mm, 28 x 22mm, 35 x 15mm, 35 x 22mm, 35 x 28mm, 42 x 15mm, 42 x 22mm, 42 x 28mm, 42 x 35mm, 54 x 15mm, 54 x 22mm, 54 x 28mm, 54 x 35mm, 54 x 42mm, 67 x 22mm, 67 x 28mm, 67 x 35mm, 67 x 42mm, 67 x 54mm, 76 x 35mm, 76 x 42mm, 76 x 54mm, 76 x 67mm


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