HONEYWELL Temperature / Humidity Duct Sensor H7080B2105 Grey/Silver

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HONEYWELL Temperature/Humidity Duct Sensor H7080B2105 Grey/Silver

H7080B series duct mounting humidity and temperature sensors are designed for environmental monitoring and control applications in industrial, commercial and general building. These sensors can be used for discharge, or return air control.

• 4~20mA/ 0~10VDC or resistance output for temperature
• 4~20mA/ 0~10VDC output for humidity
• Duct mounted
• Excellent linearity
• Good long term stability
• High reliability
• Wide sensing range
• Easy installation

Absolutely avoid extreme mechanical and unspecified strain. When using a 24 VAC transformer, use an isolated
Transformer (Class II).

If sharing the transformer with your controller, valve, actuator, or any other device, be sure to connect all of the devices with the proper polarity, since most controllers are earth grounded. Failure to do so may result in damage to the transducer, your controller, or any other devices that are attached due to a ground loop problem.

The product is equipped with stainless steel filter: since the
sensor is an ESD-sensitive device, you should avoid
touching the sensor cap during operation.
For maintenance purposes it is recommended, that
you observe the valid ESD-safety precautions!



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