GULF-O-FLEX Anti Vibration Cork Pad 18″ x 18″ x 7.8″ (6pcs)

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145.00 AED

The use of these pads eliminates the need for bolting down equipment to the floor. These Iso-Pads provide superior isolation, attenuation, and vibration characteristics.

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Anti Vibration Cork Pad is produced with granulated Cork Particles securely bound together with a synthetic resin of an insoluble nature.

These high-quality rubber pads provide a maximum loading of 60 lbs. per square inch. Anti-vibration pads can be used on any type of mechanical/electrical machines such as pumps, motors, air conditioning units, generators, compressors, etc. The plain rubber pads have grooves on both sides. The cork rubber pads are the same but with the added advantage of the reduction in sound level.

The natural rubber Iso-Pads can be easily cut for odd-sized dimensions under equipment legs and supports.

• Cost-effective • Resistance to heat and extreme temperature
• Absorb the vibration • High durability & Easy to install
• High-Quality rubber • Strong and robust
Can satisfactorily resolve the problem of that nature and used with good results in the Anti-Vibratic isolation of the foundation of heavy machinery reducing very considerably its transmission to the structure of the building.

• Compressors • Power/impact presses
• Conveyors • Motors
• Fans • Pumps •Diesel generators


All machines or generators, compressors should be isolated in such a way so as to reduce and if possible eliminate the transmission of vibrations and consequent noise to the building wherein it is installed and the neighboring buildings.

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