Extendable Heavy Duty Hedge Shear Scisssors

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55.00 AED

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Model Number: 5830

Most gardeners own a pair of shears and use them regularly. They are small, hand-held, scissor-like clippers used to cut thin branches from bushes and small trees. If you have more shrubs than lawn you’ll be using your shears more than any other tool. The primary concern with shears use is that you are making a lot of cuts using just your hand muscles. This can lead to fatigue and soreness, and repetitive stress injury at worse. To stave off these problems always use the deepest part of the blade to cut, or use gardening gloves to get maximum leverage.

  • Package Included : 1 x Garden Scissor
  • Light Weight For Effortless Cutting.
  • Adjustable Scissor Handle Length
  • Hardened Steel Blades.
  • Great for trimming a variety of bushes and hedges

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