WELD-ALL CPVC Glue Grey 7114 USA

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40.00 AED

  • Made in USA
  • NSF Certified
  • Low VOC
  • Product Shelf Life 3 Years

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CPVC Glue Grey Heavy Bodied 16 Oz USA Weld-All 7114

CPVC Cement is formulated to bond CPVC pipe and fittings in water-distribution systems. Weld –All™ 7114 for CPVC ™ is a Grey, Heavy Bodied, High Strength, Medium Setting CPVC Glue (Solvent Cement) for all classes and schedules. This cement is manufactured in the U.S.A

7114 CPVC Cement

Low VOC – NFS certified

Color: Grey
Appearance: Liquid
Body: Heavy Bodied
Set Time: Medium Set
Shelf Life: 3 years

Applications: Potable Water, Irrigation, Drain, Waste, Vent, Electrical Conduit, Hot & Cold Water

For up to: 12” diameter pressure, 14” diameter non-pressure

7114 For CPVC ™ is for use on CPVC pipes and fittings. This cement used for pipes and fittings with interference fit for such applications as potable water, irrigation drain, waste, vent, sewer, and conduit. This cement can be used for HOT and COLD water applications and approved for use on Flow Guard Pipes and fitting.

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16 Oz (473 ML)

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