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Ball Valve Bronze FxF CRANE D171

48.00 AED350.00 AED


PN25 Bronze Ball Valve


A butterfly valve is a valve which can be used for isolating or regulating flow. The closing mechanism takes the form of a disk.

Butterfly Valve DI PN16 Semi Lugged, Lever Crane #F626

270.00 AED1,342.00 AED

Semi-Lugged Lever Operated Butterfly Valves to BS EN 593: 2009

Butterfly Valve Fully Lug PN16 Crane F628

285.00 AED1,560.00 AED

Fully Lugged Butterfly valves are suitable for use with flanges conforming to BS EN 1092-2 PN10 or PN16

Check Valve CI Swing Type Crane FM492

550.00 AED6,055.00 AED

Check valves permit flow in one direction only and close automatically if flow reverse. Entirely automatic in action, depending upon pressure and velocity of flow within the line to perform their functions of opening and closing.

Check Valve CI Wafer Type Crane #FM463

370.00 AED2,613.00 AED

Check valves permit flow in one direction only and close automatically if flow reverses, depending upon pressure and velocity of flow to perform the functions of the opening and closing

Check Valve Swing Bronze Crane #D138

115.00 AED420.00 AED

Check valves permit flow in one direction only and close automatically if flow reverses.

Double Regulating Valve Fixed Orifice PN25 CRANE D931

240.00 AED585.00 AED

The Double Regulating Valve, with its integral fixed orifice design, offers an accuracy of ± 5% on all settings, for precise flow regulation and measurement.

Double Regulating Valve Variable Orifice Flanged PN16 CRANE DM931

1,070.00 AED15,800.00 AED

Primarily used in injection or other circuits requiring a DRV for system balancing. The DRV allows the valve to be used for isolation and to be re-opened to its pre-set position to maintain required flow rate.

Drain Tap Bronze Crane D341

28.00 AED112.00 AED

Bronze draining taps are suitable for use on hot and cold water up to 16bar, at temperatures up to 110°C

Gate Valve Bronze FxF PN20 Crane

45.00 AED266.00 AED

Crane gate valves offer the ultimate in dependable service wherever minimum pressure drop is important