ANBI LED Hand Shower Spray Kit Single Function 3 Color


78.00 AED

RGB 3 Color Changing LED Shower Head Sprinkler Automatic Control, Kit 


ANBI Led Hand Shower Kit CP 1 Function ABKIT-1101-LED


This LED shower head gives you a different more enjoyable experience under the shower when the color of the water changes when the water runs through it! Multiple colors change continuously, you and your kids will love it! No batteries and no electricity needed.  Showerhead changes the color of the water coming out by using a built-in LED low flow, water conservation system. The showerhead handle connects directly into your shower pipe. Fits standard size pipes (diameter of the showerhead handle is approximately 2cm).



No batteries and external power supply. It will illuminate after water flows down. Colors changes based on the temperature of the water. Green if the water temperature is below 32Deg. Blue when the water temperature is between 32 & 39Deg and Red when the water temperature is above 39Deg C.


  • Ships From UAE
  • Weight (Estimated Weight) 209 Grams
  • Size – 110 mm x 210 mm
  • Below 32Deg – Green
  • Between 32 & 39 – Blue
  • Above 39Deg – Red
  • Flexible – 120 cm


Body Material

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