CASTEL Solenoid Valve For Water 1132

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350.00 AED 360.00 AED

Connection Size (Flare)                                           G ½”
Refrigerant Type                                                       H20
Maximum Opening Differential Pressure               2100 kPa
Minimum Opening Differential Pressure               5 kPa
Maximum Working Pressure                                  4500 kPa

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For water, brine, air, and thin oils, Closed when power off

Model 1132 servo-driven, all others positive control

Temperature of medium: -15 to +105 °C, type 1142: -15 to +90 °C

The valves in series 1132 e 1142 are pilot-operated diaphragm solenoid valves.

Their operation depends not only on the magnetic field produced by the current flow into the coil but also on a minimum inlet pressure, which is necessary to:
• open the diaphragm and keep it lifted off the main opening
• close the diaphragm and ensure the tightness on the main opening
The opening/closing of the main valve seat is controlled by the diaphragm while the opening/closing of the pilot seat is controlled by the mobile plunger of the coil.


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1", 3/4"


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