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Expansion Flexible Connector Threaded Weicco

From: 75.40 AED

Versaflex – Elastomeric Expansion Joints / Flexible Connectors

WEICCO supplies elastomeric pipe expansion joints / flexible connectors, suitable for use within the piping system and at connection points of piping with mechanical equipment.

Rubber Bellow Flanged PN16 Weicco

From: 179.52 AED

Flanged Spherical Pipe Joints (FJFF)

Spherical moulded type expansion joints / flexible connectors typical examples of usage include :

At inlet and outlet of HVAC equipment – Pumps, AHUs, Chillers, Cooling Towers, HEX, Condensers.

In HVAC chilled/hot water piping – risers, circulation lines, across building expansion joints.

Process Piping, Power Plants, Water Distribution etc.

Rubber Support Inserts (RSI) WEICCO

Pipe Hanger & Support: Rubber Support Insert

RSI is a key element of our pipe support system. Using RSI with the extensive range of matching WEICCO pipe hangers/supports serves to simplify, speed up and enhance the quality of piping installations.

Split Clamps (WSC Series) WEICCO

Pipe Hanger & Support: Clamp

Split ring type steel pipe clamps with integral fixing nuts.