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Expansion Flexible Connector Threaded Weicco

75.40 AED149.50 AED

Versaflex – Elastomeric Expansion Joints / Flexible Connectors

WEICCO supplies elastomeric pipe expansion joints / flexible connectors, suitable for use within the piping system and at connection points of piping with mechanical equipment.

Rubber Bellow Flanged PN16 Weicco

188.50 AED1,216.80 AED

Flanged Spherical Pipe Joints (FJFF)

Spherical moulded type expansion joints / flexible connectors typical examples of usage include :

At inlet and outlet of HVAC equipment – Pumps, AHUs, Chillers, Cooling Towers, HEX, Condensers.

In HVAC chilled/hot water piping – risers, circulation lines, across building expansion joints.

Process Piping, Power Plants, Water Distribution etc.

Rubber Support Inserts (RSI) WEICCO

Pipe Hanger & Support: Rubber Support Insert

RSI is a key element of our pipe support system. Using RSI with the extensive range of matching WEICCO pipe hangers/supports serves to simplify, speed up and enhance the quality of piping installations.

Split Clamps (WSC Series) WEICCO

Pipe Hanger & Support: Clamp

Split ring type steel pipe clamps with integral fixing nuts.