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Are you searching for PPR Pipe Suppliers for your industrial plumbing applications?  Then look no further, ANBI is the most massive Industrial PPR pipes and fittings Supplier in UAE. We have the products & expertise that can meet your requirements.

Blue Ocean PP-R Polymer Piping Systems for your Projects

ANBI is the largest distributor, retailer, wholesaler, and supplier of Blue Ocean PPR Pipe & Fittings in UAE & Africa.

Polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) pipes, fittings, and accessories for hot, cold and potable water for domestic and industrial installations, water heating system installations, underfloor and wall heating, individual and central air-conditioning systems and polymer piping systems for shipbuilding.

ANBI supplies Indoor polymer piping systems, welding equipment for polymer piping systems, extrusion equipment, molds, and polymer processing equipment.

All our products are made in compliance with international standards and are tested in special certified laboratories, our main products are certified by SKZ certification body (Germany), KIWA certification body (Netherlands) , DVGW certification (Germany), WRAS (UK), ICC-ES PMG/ ANSI certification body (USA), AENOR certification (Spain), ilac-MRA CNAS (China) and SANAS (South Africa). Our valves and accessories are certified by CE Certification in Italy.

PPR Pipes – Blueocean

Pipes from PPR and Multilayer composite pipes

PPR single layer pipes

PPR multilayer composite pipes with outer welded layer

  High Quality PPR Product – Certified By,


Available Colors:




Dark Spring Green,


Medium Electric Blue, 


and White.

ANBI distributes a wide range of PPR pipes, fittings and accessories. Polypropylene Random Copolymer type 3 is a reliable and environmentally friendly material with high-performance characteristics.

Main Characteristics:


• High temperature stability

• Hygienic and environmentally friendly

• No siltation

• Easy and clean installation, easy welding

• High sound insulation

• Chemical resistances

• Fully recyclable material


• Resistance to electrochemical corrosion

• Low thermal conductivity: λ=0,23W/mK

• Resistance to stray electric currents

• High heat insulation

• High impact rate

• Low pressure loss

• Light weight

Special PPR Piping Systems?

PPR pipes for cold water and drinking water transportation available in various sizes. 

1. Water working temperature up to 60°C, S5, SDR 11, Nominal pressure up to 1.0 MPa  

2. Water working temperature up to 60°C, S4 series, SDR 9, Nominal pressure up to 1.25 MPa

3. Water working temperature up to 70°C, water short time high temperature upto 90°C,  S3.2 series, SDR 7.4, Nominal pressure up to 1.6 MPa

4. Water working temperature up to 70°C, water short time high temperature upto 90°C,  S2.5 series, SDR 6, Nominal pressure up to 2.0 MPa

PPR Socket Fusion Fittings

ANBI  supplies the biggest range of PPR fittings and PPR system products in the world. Blue Ocean fittings range includes PPR fittings with sizes 16-160mm for normal PPR and 20-110 for PPR with brass alloy inserts of maximum size 4 inch. Our brass inserts are made of CW617 European standard brass, but we optionally
provide CW614 and CW602N for specific market demands.

– PPR fusion fittings without brass alloy inserts

– PPR fusion fittings with brass alloy inserts

– PPR union adaptor fittings

Blue Ocean PPR Socket Fittings

PPR socket fusion fittings Blueocean

PPR Valves

Our selection of valves includes stop valves, gate valves and ball valves and we are the first company in the world to implement our patented PPSU material balls for ball valves as a replacement for brass, providing longer life time and more resistances to aggressive chemicals.

Valves are CE (Italy) certified.

– Stop valves for PPR piping systems

– Brass/PPSU/ABS ball valves for PPR piping systems

– Gate valves for PPR piping systems

– Filters and back flow check valves

Blue Ocean PPR Valves

ppr valves - blue ocean

Looking for PERT/PPSU Piping Systems?

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