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Air Release Valve – 2630 HERZ

53.00 AED 40.00 AED

Forged brass version, with EPDM seal, PN 10, G thread, for heating systems. For all nonagressive fluids such as water, oil, air, steam, fuel and lubricating oil.

Automatic Air Vent DN15 shall be Copper Alloy, rated PN10 and complete with a backflow preventer.

Ball Valve Full Port DZR HERZ 2190

From: 27.30 AED

Ball Valve DZR with PN20, FxF


The ball valve is used as a shut off the device. It is not used as a regulating device and has to be in a fully opened or fully closed position.

Boiler Drain Valve 15MM VIR 322

23.05 AED

Brass Drain Valve With Hose Connection and Cap, Threaded Ends

Brass Strainer VIR 899i

From: 19.15 AED

Brass Y-Type Strainer SS Screen, Threaded Ends, PN20

Bronze Strainer VIR 900

From: 44.10 AED

Bronze Strainer SS Screen, 0.5 MM Perforation, Threaded To BS21, PN20