HONEYWELL 3Way Valve VC6013 6000T

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Honeywell VC Series balanced 3-position hydronic valves are used in domestic and small commercial heating and cooling applications to control the flow of hot and/or cold water.

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HONEYWELL 3Way Valve VC6013 6000T

They consist of an actuator, valve and a cartridge assembly 2-way valves are designed for on-off zone control of domestic systems. 3-way valves can be piped for either diverting or mixing valve applications in domestic central heating and/or cooling systems

Both versions can be used to control individual fan coil, radiator, space heater or convector applications. Depending on the model selected they can be controlled by a low or line voltage SPST or SPDT controller such as a room thermostat, aquastat or flow switch.

VC Series hydronic valves are designed to take advantage of sinusoidal valve actuator travel, and therefore operate silently and reduce water hammer.Through internal logic the actuator only takes power while driving the valve to the commanded position.

The actuator head is removable without affecting the integrity of the water system. All actuator versions are interchangeable with any valve body, offering the highest flexibility for boiler production line assembly, and maintenance.

The valve piston construction allows for port sealing that is independent of the differential pressure across the valve. Flow through the 2-way valve can be in either direction, so the ports are not designated. 3-way valves are suitable for both diverting water from AB to A or B, and from A or B to AB.

• Rugged design
• Control by a low or line voltage SPST or SPDT controller
• Minimal actuator power consumption
• Pressure differential up to 4 bar
• Double insulated actuator
• Quick connect electrical connections
• Quick and easy replacement of moving parts
• Actuator head installation does not require draining of the system
• High flow rate capacity

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VC6013ME6000T, VC6013MJ6000T, VC6013MP6000T


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