EMIPIPE PPR Reduced Socket DIN16962 UAE

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Emipipe pipes are available in different pressure rating according to the working pressure and temperature purposes. DIN 16962 : Pipe joints and elements for PPR pressure pipes.

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Emipipe PPR Reduced Socket used as a concealed network inside bathrooms & kitchens.  In addition, as raisers from the roof water tanks through the shafts connected with loops above the false ceiling. Also, inside baths used as hot and cold water rings connected by pipe-in-pipe system (PEX) to the sanitary wares faucets.

PPR Reduced Socket made of Polypropylene random co-polymer Type 3 pipes and fittings used for hot and cold water supply networks, meets and exceed internationally recognized quality and dimensional specification.

  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Low condensation and heat loss
  • Recyclable & durable
  • Smooth inner surface

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110/50 mm, 110/60 mm, 110/75 mm, 110/90 mm, 160/110 mm, 25/20 mm, 32/20 mm, 32/25 mm, 40/20 mm, 40/25 mm, 40/32 mm, 50/20 mm, 50/25 mm, 50/32 mm, 50/40 mm, 63/20 mm, 63/25 mm, 63/32 mm, 63/40 mm, 63/50 mm, 75/32 mm, 75/40 mm, 75/50 mm, 75/63 mm, 90/32 mm, 90/40 mm, 90/50 mm, 90/63 mm, 90/75 mm

Manufacture Model No.

EPRS105, EPRS106, EPRS107, EPRS109, EPRS1610, EPRS21, EPRS31, EPRS32, EPRS41, EPRS42, EPRS43, EPRS51, EPRS52, EPRS53, EPRS54, EPRS61, EPRS62, EPRS63, EPRS64, EPRS65, EPRS73, EPRS74, EPRS75, EPRS76, EPRS93, EPRS94, EPRS95, EPRS96, EPRS97


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