CAMBRIDGE HVAC Copper Coil Economy Range Mexico Lee 50-Ft

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CAMBRIDGE HVAC Copper Coil Economy Range Mexico Lee 50-Ft


A level wound coil from IUSA Cambridge-Lee is a long length of tube that is uniformly and tightly spooled in layers parallel to the axis of the coil. Such coils are used for a wide variety of applications in many industries.

Dimension: Size & Thickness

1/4″ XODX 0.024X50′
3/8″ XODX 0.024X50′
1/2″ XODX 0.028X50′
5/8″ XODX 0.028X50′
3/4″ XODX 0.032X50′

Type DHP (UNS C12200) Copper. This material meets the requirements of ASTM B743 and B251 Standards.
As per the requirements of standard ASTM B 743, any residue on the inside of the tube will not exceed 0.0035 gm/ft2 (0.038 g/m2).


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1/2", 1/4", 11/8", 3/4", 3/8", 5/8", 7/8"


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