TRUEFLO DI Electric Union Steel Male x Brass Male Model 11MM

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22.00 AED 205.00 AED

Trueflo Dielectric Unions feature a steel pipe connection to brass pipe connection in varying combinations.

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Steel Male Threaded x/Brass Male Threaded

Dielectric Unions are designed to be installed between pipes of dissimilar metals to avid electrolysis, which leads to corrosion and pipe failure.

Dielectric Unions can be used on all installations of heating, air conditioning, hot water storage tanks, chilled water processing tanks, FCU’s and AHU’s

Why use Dielectric Unions
Electrolytic corrosion occurs in the plumbing systems that contain dissimilar metals. Copper present in heating system is a metal that dissolves very easily. Waterborne copper particles thus circulate in heating network and come in contact with the other metals forming an electric pile phenomenon. Water and the 2 dissimilar metals form a battery where electric current carries ions from one metal to another causing it to dissolve.


Additional information


1-1/2", 1-1/4", 1/2", 1", 2", 3/4"


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