HONEYWELL Immersion/Air Duct Temperature Sensor VF20-1B54NW

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Immersion temperature sensor ideally suited for hot and cold water and potable water temperature monitoring. Featuring an 150mm NTC 20k immersion probe capable of measuring temperatures between the range of -40 to +150 Degrees C.

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Honeywell Immersion/Air Duct Temperature Sensor, VF20-1B54NW, 150MM, Silver

These immersion and air-duct temperature sensors can be
employed for hot and cold water as well as for air-duct
applications in systems using Pt 1000, NTC 10k, or NTC 20k
temperature sensing elements.
The sensors with a stainless steel immersion well are also
suitable for registering potable water temperature.
· Pt 1000, NTC 10k, or NTC 20k temperature sensing
· Wide sensing range
· High accuracy
· Choice of three different probe lengths: 65, 150, 300,
and 400 mm
· Models available with either IP54 or IP65 rating
· Bayonet ¼ turn cover screws for fast installation
· External mounting holes, no need to remove cover


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