GREE 4Ton Floor Standing AC Rotary R410a 2Star T4matic-T48C3

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GREE 4Ton Floor Standing AC Rotary R410a T4matic-T48C3, Gree Portable Air Conditioner is made with the highest quality materials and with the latest technology in manufacturing.

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GREE 4Ton Floor Standing AC Rotary R410a 2Star T4matic-T48C3


Brand Name Gree
Model Info Crown-48C3
Item Weight 160 Kg
Product Dimensions 40 x 58 x 186.5 cm
Part Number Crown-48C3
Color Grey
Weight 160 Kilograms

Gree Free Standing Air Conditioner 4 Ton With Rotary Compressor is built and designed for high ambient temperatures up to 54°C

Powerful reciprocating compressor for peak performance even in harshest conditions

Easy to clean, Flat, stylish front panel blends with any interior décor

Protected with Gold-fin coating extends the efficiency of the coil-over time by 300% in comparison to Un-protected coils

3D airflow moves the air in all directions for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room

Press the Turbo button on the remote controller to enjoy large airflow and cool the space in a shorter time

The remote control is user-friendly and equipped with a sensor that senses its surrounding temperatures and signals the unit to adjust the airflow accordingly to maximize comfort.

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