GREE Split AC iCrest-N24H3 2Ton Inverter R32

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3,599.00 AED

  • Brand : Gree
  • Refrigerant : R32
  • Type : High wall
  • Key Feature : Inverter Compressor
  • Color : White

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  • 3d air-flow: ensure uniform air distribution throughout the room, adds efficiency to compressor run time and reduces the resulting power consumption.
  • Auto-restart: the unit restarts automatically at the original settings after power failure.
  • Cold-plasma: this unique technology deters odors from the delivered air and ensure neutral smell.
  • I-feel: sensor in the remote study the surrounding temperatures and signals the unit to adjust the air flow accordingly to maximize comfort.
  • ESMA Rating : 5-Star
  • Indoor Weight : 16.5 kg
  • Outdoor Weight : 65.5 kg
  • IDU : W1122 x H329 x D247 mm
  • ODU :W980 x H790 x D427 mm

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