PACIFIC Electric Water Heater Vertical Glasslined 200L

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1,440.00 AED

Pacific Electric Water Heater
200 Litres, 1.5kW
Made in France
5 Years Warranty

We provide the finest quality in all of our products.
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Pacific Electric Water Heater, Vertical, Glass-lined, 200 Litres, 1.5kW, Made in France, 5 Years Warranty

Pacific brand belongs to the Atlantic Group,
a leading European manufacturer of multi-energy domestic and commercial comfort solutions (electric heating and water heating, gas and fuel boilers, solar, heat pump, etc…) Our Group manufactures all together over

2 million water heaters a year and that experience is shared with you in every water heater we provide.

Pacific brings you today a state of the art range of water heaters, backed by our constant efforts to achieve even better quality and improved solutions to better match your needs.

The techniques that we use today are the results of more than 70 years of experience and know-how.

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