ANBI Mist Fan 26 Inch Black

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490.00 AED

Mist fan can be used virtually everywhere. Starting from industrial, domestic, and commercial uses.

Within industrial and commercial uses these fans have been found useful virtually in all types of environment.

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Categories: , Brand: ANBI HVAC


Product Features:
• Beat the heat and be cool. It is easy to clean, Filter removes harmful tiny substances, such as dust and pollen.
• Energy saving, high-efficiency, friendly environment the input power is 260w.
• Wide range of air output, 90 angles wide range of air output. 3 fan speeds: high-mid-low.
Made in China
One Year Warranty.Some of its main uses are listed below:Application:
• Household
• Restaurant and bars
• Public areas e.g. parks, airports, train stations, etc
• Cattle, horse, and poultry farms
• Manufacturing environment
• Hotels poolside and outdoor sitting areas
• Sports stadiums
• Green Houses
• Warehouse Factory
• Construction Site
• Garden

• Fan Diameter: 650mm (26Inches)
• Fan Height: Adjustable from 1700mm to 2000mm
• Fan Oscillation Adjustable: 30 Degrees
• Available area: 30-50 Sq. Mtrs.
• Water Tank Capacity: 36Ltr
• Continues Water Supply: 8 Hours
• Total Weight without water: 26.50 KG
• Operation Temperature: 10DegC to 60DegC
• Working Voltage: 190V to 250V for 220V


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