GULF-O-SEAL 81-10 A/C Duct Adhesives 13Litre

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135.00 AED

Gulf-O-Seal 81-10 is used for bonding the insulation material to other material and to itself.
It is recommended for use on material like rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, aluminium air conditioning ducts and heating ducts.

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Gulf-O-Seal 81-10 A/C Duct Adhesive is a specifically formulated adhesive to bond all types of insulation material, i.e. GI, aluminum air-conditioning ducts, and steel asbestos sheets.
• Easy application
• Flexible, fire-resistive compound
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application at high humidity environments
• Resistant to water and moisture
• Recommended of bonding of a variety of insulation materials
• Excellent bonding ability and permanent adhesion

Primary Packing Qty: Bucket

Primary Qty Unit: Pcs

No. of Individual Pieces Per Unit: 1

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