ASMACO Profile Glue Clear UAE 500gm

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24.00 AED

Profile Glue Clear Asmaco-UAE 500gm
Unit Price 24.00 Per Piece

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Profile Glue is one component high performance, fast curing liquid polyurethane adhesive. It possesses high water resistance and bonding strength.  It is specially developed for fixing Aluminum and PVC Profile to Phenolic and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam in air duct system.

Profile Glue is used for fixing Aluminum and PVC Profile to Phenolic PIR & PU foams panel for pre-insulated air duct. Profile Glue can also be used for most of porous and non-porous surfaces as wood, metal, concrete, polystyrene foam etc.

Features                                 Excellent Adhesion and High Strength with Polyethylene Foam, Phenolic PIR v/s Alu & PU v/s PVC

Easy application, Low viscosity

High Bond strength

Fast Curing

Water Resistant

Excellent Boding to Porous and Non Porous Surface

Chemical and moisture Resistant

Excellent Heat Resistant

Basis                                      Polyurethane

Curing System                       Moisture Curing



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