Gulf-O-Flex Alupet Tape

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Gulf-O-Flex® brand special aluminium foil tape is a foil tape reinforced with PET film backing (ALUPET) combined with strong Solvent Acrylic adhesives and easy release liner for maximum performance. It can be used on Gulf-O-Flex® XLPE insulation to cover the joints. Tapes are suitable for lap joints, face-to-face joints and corner joints.
• The low moisture content of these products makes these tapes as a good sealant.
• Suitable as masking in electroplating of Aluminum due to its non-contamination properties.
• Best result obtained when it’s applied to clean and dry surfaces.
• A PET re-enforced aluminum foil combined with special transparent acrylic adhesive makes this as the ideal product for high-temperature applications.
• Reflective backings provide excellent radiation for both heat and light.
• It is very good for lamination in air conditioning ducting systems, roofing application like flashing, joints and insulations.
• The aggressive solvent base adhesive offers long serviceable life in indoor and outdoor, as well as in a high humid atmosphere.
• Aluminium pet tape has a special dull silver appearance which easily merges with the color of duct insulation, providing excellent aesthetics.
• XPE Insulation closing purpose.
• Lamination for air conditioning ducting systems.
• Roofing Application like flashing, joints and insulations.
• Duct sealing and joining for refrigerator and an excellent barrier to vapor.
• General purpose holding, patching sealing applications-indoor and outdoor.
• This tape can be used in the refrigerator coil holing application.
• Despite being reinforced with PET for extra strength it is hand tear-able.

The price is as per carton.

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