AKAFIX A110 Brake and Clutch Cleaner

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We assure you that we are the best seller in UAE and middle east .This powerful aerosol is used to remove oil, grease, dirt and dust from brakes and clutches . So, here we comes with our latest product. So, explore it. For bulk orders or any other details you can easily contact us anytime.





The elimination of brake squeal and clutch slip caused by glazing and contamination. Brake cleaner helps brakes last longer and perform better.

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•Effectively removes the deposits like leaking brake fluid, grease, oil and hardened contaminations.
•Eliminates dust from brake and clutch parts.
•Reduces disc-brake squeal and clutch chatter.
•Can be applied without disassembly, saving time and reducing maintenance costs.
•Evaporates quickly.
•Leaves no residue.
•Excellent penetration
•Stable, non-staining and non-corrosive to metals.
•Aerosol is equipped with a 360° (upside-down) spray valve and extension tube for added convenience.

Applications Area

Perfect for cleaning and degreasing:
•Brake linings
•Brake shoes
•Disc brake pads
•Wedge brakes
•Springs Calipers
•Clutch discs
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