Formula 1 Premium Wash & Wax 32oz 517377

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45.00 AED

In long term testing, Formula 1’s cross-linked super polymer coating lasted over 2 times longer than other waxes

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Formula 1 Carnauba Premium Wash & Wax, contains a pearlescent polymer that minimizes water left on your vehicle when rinsing.

It produces rich foam deep cleans bugs, dirt, tar and road grime.

Specially formulated to enhance sheeting and beading.

The main content in this wax is Brazilian Carnauba wax.

It is safe on all vehicle surfaces.

This will not harm or dull paint finish like household liquid and powder detergents.

It will rinse the surface clean without leaving water spots.

When applied on the car, the super polymers crosslink to form a clear durable coating

Bonds to paint finish making a lasting barrier against environmental damages

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