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2 Way Motorised Valves Honeywell V5011P Series

502.50 AED600.00 AED

2 Way Motorised Valves Honeywell V5011P Series


The V5011P is a two-way threaded globe valve that control steam, water, and glycol solutions (up to 50 percent concentration) in heating or cooling HVAC applications. The valve is used in two-position and modulating control systems. The valve is not suitable for combustible gas service.

2Way Control Valves Honeywell VC6013

142.50 AED147.00 AED

VC6013 Actuator Valve Honeywell

2Way Motorised Valve with Actuator on/off 220V


Honeywell VC Series balanced 2-position hydronic valves are used in domestic and small commercial heating and cooling applications to control the flow of hot and/or cold water.

Butterfly Valve Wafer Type CI Motorized Honeywell V4ABFW16

1,275.00 AED5,025.00 AED

Honeywell Model No. V4ABFW16.  The V4 Actuated Wafer Type Butterfly Valves are suitable for heating and cooling applications.

Butterfly Valve Motorised with On/Off 230V Actuator


On-Off or Modulating Control.
Manual override non-clutch design.
Manual operation can be operated without any lever, clutch or brake upon power voltage.
Irreversible worm gear.
Visual mechanical position indicator for accurate visual reference of valve position.
Anti-condensation heater and 2 aux. limit switches on standard model
Good mechanical strength.

Electric Actuator – ML7421A Honeywell

1,275.00 AED

Electric Linear Valve Actuator Honeywell


The Honeywell electric actuator ML7421 is suitable for standard HVAC applications and buildings control. For valve Series V5011, V5013, V5015, V5016, V5025, V5049, V5050, V5328, V5329 and VGF.  These actuators operate standard Honeywell valves in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.


Knitted glove cotton/polyamide grey. Palm and fingertips coated in blue color crinkled latex. Knitted wrist. Gauge 10 – 1.5/1.8 mm thick – 260 mm long

Honeywell Actuator – Unit Pack VC6013ZZ00

75.00 AED

Control central heating and/or cooling systems, fan coil systems, radiators and convectors. Depending on the model selected, it can be controlled by either a low or line voltage SPST or SPDT controller such as a room thermostat.


Honeywell Refrigerants Gas is the established technical leader in the development of fluorine-based (HFC) refrigerants.

Honeywell Two way control valve V5328A

1,650.00 AED2,100.00 AED

Honeywell 2 way control valve V5 Series


2Way Motorised valve PN16, flanged connections

For heating and air conditioning.

Modulating Actuator Honeywell VC7931

192.00 AED337.50 AED

Modulating Actuator 24v AC for VC Series valves


Control central heating and cooling, fan coil systems, radiators and convectors. Depending on the model, it can be controlled by a low voltage SPST or SPDT switch, pulse-width modulated 24 Vac signal, or floating input, modulating controller.


VC7931ZZ11T:  24V Modulating Actuator 

VC7931BF: 2Way Motorised Vale with Actuator Modulating 24V  1-1/4″