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HERZ Adjusting Key

20.00 AED

Setting key for DPCV & PICVs



or HERZ-Flow controller 4001, used from 2009
for HERZ-Differential pressure controller 4002, used from 2009
for HERZ-Combi Valve 4006
for HERZ-Control valve 7217 V.

Orifice Flow Measuring Plate HERZ

450.00 AED22,750.00 AED

Orifice Plate Flow Measuring HERZ

Stainless steel disc with extended test points Maximum working temperature 120°C Maximum static pressure 16 bar Kv-values, also pressure and temperature ratings, comply with requirements of BS7350 Kv-values in m3/hour at a pressure drop of 1 bar.

Orifice Threaded Metering Station HERZ

85.00 AED235.00 AED

Metering station PN20


Measuring orifice LF with two measuring valves

Dezincification resistant brass body, for hydraulic balance of cooling systems, fan coils and heating systems. 2 test points (0284) are mounted.

Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valve – 4006

540.00 AED1,255.00 AED

Compact design, dezincification resistant brass body, external thread connection DN 15 and DN 20 with cone, DN 25 up to DN 50 with flat seal. Two test points for measuring the differential pressure. Combined flow rate controller and control valve, pressure independent.

Pressure Independent Control Valves Balancing (PIBCV) 4006 Smart

455.00 AED470.00 AED

Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valves (PIBCV) SMART – with Test Plug


Compact design, dezincification resistant brass body, external thread connection and with cone, Combined flow rate controller and control valve, pressure independent.

Pressure Reducer Valve Diaphragm HERZ

165.00 AED625.00 AED

The pressure reducing valve protects installations against over pressure (reduces input pressure to a working level). It can also be used in heating systems to protect boiler against increased pressure.

Pressure Test Plug

15.00 AED

Standard test points DZR Brass

Cost effective aids for measuring pressure and temperature in fluid lines. Used at inlet and outlet of equipment, DRVs and metering stations

Strainer DZR Brass HERZ Y Strainer

100.00 AED150.00 AED

Strainers are a low cost investment for any piping system and result in reduced maintenance costs as well as minimising ‘downtime’ by protecting the circuit from damage by foreign matter.


  • Material Body: DZR
  • Mesh: expanded metal, rhombic mesh, Stainless steel 1.4301, Mesh size 0,75mm
  • Sealings: EPDM according KTW, WRAS and DVGW W270
Swing check valve HERZ

465.00 AED11,400.00 AED

Cast Iron Swing Check Valve PN16 426222x

Check valves permit flow in one direction only and close automatically if flow reverse. Entirely automatic in action, depending upon pressure and velocity of flow within the line to perform their functions of opening and closing.

For hot and cold water systems for fluids excluding acid and flammable fluids.


H7711 series thermostats are used to control room temperature in industrial, commercial and residential environment via controlling electric modulating valve with 0-10VDC (4-20mA) control.

Thermostat Room Temp Controller HERZ #H7990-08

95.00 AED 86.00 AED

H7713 Series thermostats 220v are available for individual room temperature control in residential, industrial and business premises. Suitable for 2-pipe or 4-pipe Fan Coil configuration.