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Actuator Modulating 24V HERZ F7712

From: 1,137.50 AED

HERZ-Actuators for HERZ Combi Valves and Control Valves.

Actuator Modulating 2P, M28 X 1.5 24V AC HERZ 17990

315.00 AED

HERZ thermal actuators are electrothermal actuating drives for continuous drive control in heating and cooling systems to be installed with an Electronic Control System for Modulating Control.

Actuator Motor Valve Drive Modulating Herz 5 7712 08

235.00 AED

The HERZ Motor Valve Drives are electromotive actuators for valves used in heating and cooling systems.

Actuator On/Off 2P, M28 x 1.5 230V 50HZ HERZ 1770853

105.00 AED

Normally closed, closing force 100 N, operating voltage 230 V ~, threaded connection M28 x 1.5, red adapter 1 7708 90 is included, max. stroke 5 mm

Acutator On/Off 2P, M28 x 1.5 24V AC/DC HERZ 1771112

120.00 AED 105.00 AED

The HERZ actuating drive is an electrothermal actuator for 2-point control in heating and cooling systems that is installed in combination with a temperature controller. Exceptionally well suited for zone control and floor heating.

Air Release Valve – 2630 HERZ

53.00 AED 40.00 AED

Forged brass version, with EPDM seal, PN 10, G thread, for heating systems. For all nonagressive fluids such as water, oil, air, steam, fuel and lubricating oil.

Automatic Air Vent DN15 shall be Copper Alloy, rated PN10 and complete with a backflow preventer.

Ball Valve Full Port DZR HERZ 2190

From: 27.30 AED

Ball Valve DZR with PN20, FxF


The ball valve is used as a shut off the device. It is not used as a regulating device and has to be in a fully opened or fully closed position.


Suitable for gas installations according to table DIN-DVGW G.260, PN1 (HTB 650 °C/30 min), GT. Medium temperature range -20 °C to 60 °C.