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Formula 1 Auto Care Products offers fast and easy solution for car cleaning,protecting and restoring your vehicles. It contains micro polishers that removes scratches,swirl marks and water spotting quickly and gives your car a high-gloss shine and water-beading protection . Formula 1 shines, protects and reveals your car's true paint. The car will get a brand new look with a professional shine and  is long lasting.

Formula 1 Carnauba Bike Clean 16 oz 613073

25.00 AED

Formula 1 Carnauba Bike Clean 16 oz provides deep cleans the toughest bugs, tar and motorcycle road dirt.

Formula 1 Carnauba Black Color Wax 16 oz 615464

30.00 AED

Formula 1 Black Color Wax, consists of advanced cross linked polymer technology which utilizes exclusive super-polymers. This  super polymers cross link on a car’s finish, forming a clear, durable coating. It hides minor scratches and swirls against harmful UV rays.

Formula 1 Carnauba Black Gold Tire Shine 22 oz 615258

25.99 AED

  • Formula 1 Carnauba Black Gold 22 oz 615258 brings back original luster of tires. It consists of  finest silicone polymers that gives a deep, rich and natural shine. Its oil-free, water-resistant formula won’t “brown out” tires like other tire shines. Formula 1 Carnauba Black Gold will not discolor tires or cause damage to tire wall as cheaper products do.
Formula 1 Carnauba Bug & Tar Remover 16 oz 615867

30.00 AED

Formula 1 Carnauba Bug & Tar Remover, effectively removes bugs, tar, and tree sap from vehicles’ exterior surfaces without tarnishing the paint.

Formula 1 Carnauba Dry Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner 20 oz 615150

35.00 AED

ANBI Group provides Deep cleaning foam spray penetrates to remove soil and stains. Developed in professional detail shops to remove the most stubborn dirt and stains.Contains powerful natural citrus solvent to remove the toughest grime. Easy to use – just spray on, let foam penetrate and wipe off. Fast drying – leaves carpets and fabrics smelling fresh.

Formula 1 Carnauba Fast Wax 16 oz 615056

25.00 AED

Formula 1 Auto Care products offer fast and easy solutions to cleaning, protecting and restoring your vehicle.

Formula 1 Carnauba Foaming Wheel Cleaner 23 oz 615254

28.00 AED

  • Formula 1 Carnauba Foaming Wheel Cleaner 23 oz 605254 provides deep cleaning foam dissolves toughest brake dust and dirt.
Formula 1 Carnauba Head Light Restorer & Sealant 8 oz 615874

28.00 AED

  • Formula 1 Carnauba Headlight Restorer and Sealant clears the headlights of your vehicle.
  • It makes cloudy, dull and yellowed headlights look like new.
Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax 16 oz 615029

22.00 AED

Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax 16 oz give your car paint the long-lasting shine and protection.

Formula 1 Carnauba Metallic Polish 16 oz 613800

26.00 AED

Formula 1 Carnauba Metallic Polish allow provides high performance finish to prevent fading. Wax should be powdery when buffing off. When removing wax, use a very soft cloth. As soon as the cloth movement feels resistance, find a fresh surface.