Orifice Threaded Metering Station HERZ

85.00 AED235.00 AED

Metering station PN20


Measuring orifice LF with two measuring valves

Dezincification resistant brass body, for hydraulic balance of cooling systems, fan coils and heating systems. 2 test points (0284) are mounted.

Orifice Threaded


Threaded Orifice Metering Station HERZ is PN20 Metering Station with DZR Brass body, including 2 test points (0284) for DP measurement

Input female thread, external thread output, PN 20 from -20 ° C to 110 ° C, housing made of dezincification-resistant brass, for hydraulic adjustment for cooling ceiling systems and fan coils. 2 measuring valves (0284). With reduced kvs value, for differential pressure measurement at low flow rates.



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