Sunsio 3 GS Refrigeration Oils 3.78L

68.00 AED 45.00 AED

OEM approved
. Chemical stability to extend service life, reducing maintenance costs.
. Cleaner operation of the compressor with fewer deposits and failures due to valve sticking.
. Excellent low temperature performance with no wax deposits to plug the system.
. Approval by most major equipment manufacturers.

Typical analysis Sunsio 3GS
Density at 15°C 0.914
Viscosity at 40°: 30 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C: 4.4 cSt
Flash point: 168°C
Pour point: -40 °C
Flock point: -54°C
Aniline point: 74°C
Colour: 1.0

Recommended by most major equipment manufacturers and refined from especially selected naphtenic base oils.
Highly stable, essentially wax free, thus providing excellent low temperature properties and assuring long trouble-free life.
Sunsio GS oils can be used in virtually any installation, regardless of compressor or evaporation temperature and are miscible with (H)CFC refrigerants and natural refrigerants.

CFC: R11, R12, R13, R131b1, R113, R114, R500, R502, R503
HCFC: R22, R123, R124, R401a, R402a, R402b, R403b, R406a,R408a, R409a

Sunsio GS oils can be applied in commercial as well as in residential refrigeration and air conditioning systems. ANBI AIR Condition LLC is the specialized supplier of refrigeration oils in Middle East.


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