SONOFF IP66 Waterproof Case

SONOFF IP66 Waterproof Case


Sonoff IP66 is a high quality waterproof case that can be used with Sonoff Basic/RF or the PCBA board of Sonoff Pow/TH10/TH16/G1 in the underwater environment. The waterproof level of the waterproof box is IP66. It allows you to remote control your lights or home appliances outdoor.


SONOFF IP66 Waterproof Case Feature


Specification for Sonoff IP66 Waterproof Case

  • Waterproof Level: IP66
  • Body Material: ABS V0
  • Transparent Cover Material: PC V0
  • Dimensions: 132.2*68.7*50.1mm(L*W*H)
  • Weight: 145.0g

Sonoff IP66


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