Round Ceiling Diffuser Fixed ANBI


Aluminium construction with white powder coated colour finish (RAL 9010).
Steel construction with white powder coated finish (RAL9010)
Powder coated colour finish as per other RAL colour codes available as an option.

ARD: Concealed screw fixing from neck of the diffuser to the duct after removing internal

HVAC Round Ceiling Diffuser 

  • Frame and inner cones of round ceiling diffuser are made of high-quality aluminium sheet construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • Inner cones fixed centrally to the frame. Cones can be taken out by pushing inward, turn around and pull down. This provides easy installation, maintenance and access to the duct.
  • Radial opposed blade damper is fixed to the frame by rivets. The damper can be operated by a screw through diffuser face.
  • Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as an option to avoid air leakage.
  • Discharge pattern can be adjusted for horizontal flow by extending the cones and for
    vertical flow by retracting the cones.
  • Can be used for ceiling or exposed duct mounting especially in installation when an adjustable pattern is required



  • Frame and inner cones: High-quality aluminium sheet as standard. Steel construction as
    an option.
  • Damper frame and blades: Steel sheet with a black matt finish


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