Round Ceiling Diffuser Fixed ANBI


Round Ceiling Diffuser (Fixed Core)

• Inner cones fixed rigidly to the frame. [Removable core available]
• The standard butterfly damper in supply diffuser can be easily adjusted through the face of
the unit by means of a screwdriver or a simple hook.
• The damper is fixed to the frame by rivets.
• Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as an option to avoid air leakage.
• The diffuser can be used for ceiling or exposed duct mounting and has a fixed horizontal air

HVAC Round Ceiling Diffuser (Fixed Core)

ANBI manufactures Round diffusers from high-quality aluminium sheets. The concentric inner cores are rigidly fixed to the frame of the round diffuser, giving a horizontal air pattern. ANBI round diffusers are also available with removable core for easy access and maintenance of ductwork. Round diffusers are generally installed on ceiling tiles or exposed ductwork using round ducts for supply and return air HVAC applications.

Round diffusers are available with black powder coated butterfly damper for supply air applications. The damper can be operated from the face of the Round diffuser by means of a screwdriver or a simple hook as shown below.
ANBI round diffusers are also available with adjustable core, to handle large volumes of supply air volumes. Adjustable round diffusers are available in aluminium and steel construction. ANBI also manufactures other types of ceiling diffusers such as square and rectangular diffusers, linear slot diffuser, perforated diffuser, jet diffuser and light troffer diffuser for various HVAC applications.


  • Frame and inner cones: High quality steel construction
  • Damper frame and blades: Steel sheet with a black matt finish.


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