Refrigeration Copper Tubing 1/8″ X 50′ Soft Type


48.00 AED

  • 1/8 inch O.D. x 50 ft. Length Copper Tubing


Durable, soft type refrigeration copper

Made in Mexico

Thickness: 0.030

Gas, oil, steam, air, or liquid carrying lines

HVAC Copper Tube Cambridge


Full range of copper tube in soft coils and hard-drawn straight lengths. Refrigeration coils and ACR tube are dehydrated, cleaned and capped (degreased) to ensure tube reaches customers in a pure, defect-free state.

1/8 in. OD x 50 ft Cambridge HVAC Copper tubing Refrigeration Coil Tube line Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Tube – ASTM B280 Standard Copper tube used for air conditioning and refrigeration applications in the field is an almost pure copper material meeting the requirements of ASTM B 280 – Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service. Make sure your gas-supply tubing is durable and secure with 1/8 in OD in.

Original copper tubing for plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration applications in residential, commercial and institutional installations. Cleaned and sealed for liquid fed applications such as air conditioning, ice makers, humidifiers, and refrigeration systems. Also used for oil lines for heating. Features: 1/8 in x 50 ft. Soft Copper Refrigeration Tube Assembled into a convenient 50 ft. Both NSF-LISTED AND IAMPO-CERTIFIED for safety Handle pressure up to 722 (PSI) Temperature Range from 100 to 400 (F) Gas, Oil, Steam, Air. or liquid carrying lines.

Note: This 1/8″ XODX 0.030X50′ is the single product of Cambridge-Lee 50-ft HVAC Copper Coil ASTM B280


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