R22 Frogen Refrigerants UK 13.6 KG Disposable Cylinder

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315.00 AED 265.00 AED

Class: HCF
Refrigerant Type: Pure Fluid
Lubrication: Mineral Oil

. Room Air Conditioners
. Commercial & Industrial Use
. Production of Fluoropolymers
. Blowing Agents in Rigid Form

Frogen R22 is an HCFC refrigerant that operates with high pressure but low compressor displacement.
R22 is popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications.  R22 is also used as an intermediate to produce fluoropolymers and as a blowing agent in rigid foam applications.

Frogen provides a complete selection of refrigerant products, Frogen products are developed under stringent quality control by our refrigerant specialists.


TypeR22 Refrigerant Gas
Packaging TypeCylinder
ClassificationIndustrial Grade

If you are in the market for the replacement of refrigerant gases, contact ANBI AIR Condition LLC as we specialize in Frogen products and replacement parts.


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