R134a Frogen Refrigerants UK 13.6 KG Disposable Cylinder

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445.00 AED 385.00 AED

Class: HFC
Refrigerant Type: Single component fluid
Lubrication: POE or PAG (for auto A/C only)

. Automotive Industry – Car AC
. Refrigeration Application
. Centrifugal Cases Home Refrigerators

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R134a Frogen has been developed by Frogen Ltd. to serve as one of the key substitutes for CFCs and HCFCs.
R-134a is a long term, environmentally safer, non-ozone depleting substitute.

Frogen products are developed under stringent quality control by our refrigerant specialists.

Further more, as a refrigerant, it possesses similar energy efficiency and capacity characteristics as Frogen R 12 and has an intrinsically low toxicity. R134a Frogen refrigerant gas is the alternative refrigerant of choice in automobile air conditioning.


TypeR134a Refrigerant Gas
Packaging TypeCylinder
Physical FormGas

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