Pressure Reducing Valve Brass ITAP Europress 143

Pressure Reducing Valve Brass ITAP Europress 143

1/2” (DN 15)25bar/362.5psi14300121/34
3/4” (DN 20)25bar/362.5psi14300341/34
1” (DN 25)25bar/362.5psi14301001/18
2” (DN 50)25bar/362.5psi14302001/8
2”1/2 (DN 65)25bar/362.5psi14302121/6
4” (DN 100)25bar/362.5psi14304001/3

This valve reduces the pressure of the water that goes through it and is used to obtain a regulated and constant value at its outlet. It is installed at the water mains (for a bungalow as for a flat). It protects the whole installation from problems due to excess pressure: noises in the pipes, water hammer, splashes, premature wear of household electrical appliances and taps. The pressure reducing valves are completely automatic.

Suitable for domestic water services, heating & Air-Conditioning plants, Compressed Air Systems. It can be installed in any position: VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL, OBLIQUE.

Compensated operation

Female/female threads
Body in nickel-plated brass
Minimum and maximum working temperatures: 0°C,

Maximum inlet pressure: 25bar.
Outlet pressure can be adjusted: 1/2” – 3/4” – 1” between 1 and 5,5 bar; 1”1/4 through 4” between 1 and 6 bar.
Factory preadjustment 3 bar.
Outlet pressure gauge connection 1/4” on both sides.
Threads ISO228 (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228).
Available also with NPT thread in the sizes 2”1/2 – 3” – 4”.

NF – 1/2″,3/4″

Body Material

Connection Type

Manufacture Model No.



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