Honeywell VCZND 1-1/4″ 3-Way Female NPT VC Cartridge Cage Valve

Honeywell VCZND 1-1/4″ 3-Way Female NPT VC Cartridge Cage Valve

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1-1/4″ NPT  3-Way Mixing/Diverting Valve

Honeywell VCZND 1-1/4″ 3-Way Valve


Three-way Cartridge Cage Valves are intended for hydronic applications in a normal indoor environment to control the flow of hot/chilled water-glycol solution up to 60% concentration. These valves are designed for zone control of heating/cooling systems.

The VC hydronic valve consists of a valve body and replaceable characterized cartridge assembly. Depending on the valve model selected, they can be used with a VC2114 or VC8114 series actuator to provide on-off flow control, or with a VC6930 or VC7930 series, an actuator to provide proportional flow control. Two-way bodies may be plumbed in either direction. Three-way bodies may be used in either diverting or mixing applications.




  • Quick open and linear flow characteristics available
  • Mixing or diverting application
  • A-AB-B body pattern
  • 7000-series valves for floating and modulating non-fail safe applications
  • 6000-series valves for two-position control
  • High close-off rating independent of Cv
  • Available with a variety of North American and international pipe fittings
  • No tools required for actuator installation or removal
  • Actuator removal does not require a draining system
  • Service is by replacement of cartridge, not valve body
  • Cartridge replacement rebuilds valve to factory-new condition
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